New Work 2019 Canvas/Homasote

Current Thoughts

 The painting process over the last twenty some years has been about the aggressive action of making the paintings on the Homasote Paper Panels. Resulting in a active surface that is a direct representation of the processes involved. At times throughout the years, I would occasionally paint on canvas as a way to try and mimic the surface of the panel paintings. Some approaches and tools are exempt from the canvas process and deemed to be over aggressive. Two different methods on two different materials ending in two different results.  

Combining the two practices into a singular painting would become the current challenge. As an Artist and as a viewer. While the actions of painting have not changed, they have however been buried beneath a “shroud” or “cloak” of Acrylic, White or Black Paint. 

“Similar to the idea of constructing a Garden or any Structure. You don’t see the excavating, tilling, framing, pounding, and laboring. The finality is a creation that will hopefully uphold a standard of aesthetic and an archival longevity.”