Combined Methods

As Art students, we were working in the traditional, direct and indirect methods of painting during classes. My junior year 1994 as a (independent studies) student, I discovered a paper panel in a dumpster and started carving. Since then the work has been a representation of the process using chainsaws, pressure washers, pick axes, knives and other common tools found in construction practices..  Along the painting path, I would paint on both materials separately.

Now combining the two Methods.  The action of making paintings have continued. They are no longer on the surface. The activity is buried beneath a shroud of Primer/Sealer.

Similar to the idea of constructing a Garden or any Building. My work recognizes the excavating, tilling, framing, pounding, and laboring that is involved in the construction of building anything.  The majority of the effort is not seen once completed. An Ode to the work and Art that has survived War, Weather and Human handling.

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Videos of the painting process are available to view on YouTube at David Leas